From the recording My New Reality


I never had to move around
All of my life in one small town
But I’ve been thinking
That it might be time to go
Though I don't really know
Just why

There's something inside that's stirring me on
Chasing a dream before its all gone
Oh Virginia, I hate to leave you now
And I really don't know how
I'll live without you

Goodbye Virginia
I've got to fly me away
Goodbye Virginia
I’ll come back to you someday

Happen upon a photograph
I let out a sigh then let out a laugh
All those memories come washing over me
Like waves upon the sea
They're crashing into me


Maybe I'm just running away
Even so, I'm tempted to stay
I hear a voice deep inside me
I can hear it say...Virginia

Sometimes it seems I’ve lost my mind
Thinking of leaving you behind
Goodbye Virginia
I really don't know how I'll live without you